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Happy New Year!

Happy 2017!  This last year was a great year, and gave me some fantastic photo opportunities.  The new year is already off to a great start with the launch of a new method of buying my photography in print (framed, canvas, or just art prints), with (  I've posted a large number of the photos from my Photo Ronin site there, so there's lots to choose from and the remaining ones will be posted there soon.


You can go to the website to see how my pictures would look hung (and order them!):  If you have any questions or requests for certain pictures, please let me know...have a wonderful new year! 


Reflecting Buttermere

Buttermere Lake, in the UK's Lake District, beautifully reflecting.

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Painting the Kilted Rock

The kilted rock in Scotland, converted to paints!

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The Devil's Aisle

Finnich Glen, in Scotland.  The steep, slippery Devil's Stairs lead down into the 70-ft glen where sits The Devil's Pulpit, and the water runs a rusty red color.

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The Devil's Stairs

The very long, steep, slippery stairs lead from the Devil's Pulpit all the way up to the light.

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