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Sand Dunes And Super-Zoom

So I finally got a great super-zoom lens as part of building out my set of photography tools.  My new 150mm-600mm lens is tons of fun, now that I've fixed the focus issues I was having with it!  To put it through its paces we went out to the Great Sand Dunes in South-Western Colorado (the tallest dunes on the continent), the Colorado Gator Farm, and then to the Denver Zoo.  
I'll be releasing more of my gator and zoo pictures over the next week or so to as well as Google+.

I'm taking my photography more seriously now, and will be selling prints soon (now, even) be on the lookout!  If there are any that you're interested in, let me know.

Above: A mongoose @ the Denver Zoo
Below: The Great Sand Dunes
Great Sand Dunes

The Gator Farm

Yolk's On Who?

The Colorado Gator Farm was an incredible stop.  I was having focus issues with my new lens while we were there, so I'm salvaging some shots that I just love.  The shot below was just out of focus, but it was so neat watching the alligator eat the duck egg that I gave to it...

Roarin' Good

Roarin' Good

Finally in-focus and on the prowl for good subject to shoot, I got some amazing pictures of this tiger!
More zoo pictures are coming VERY soon!