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I'm a real technophile.  By day (and most other hours) I do high-end architecture and engineering for computer and server infrastructure, but I've always loved taking pictures.  It's been an on-and-off hobby that I've entertained for a long time, but I've started taking it more seriously in the past few years.  I picked up a  DSLR (Canon Rebel T3) at the end of 2011 and have been getting more and more into it as I go, progressing to the Sony Alpha A7 (mirrorless) that I currently shoot with.

I love all the tools and tricks out there to tweak and pack punch into digital photographs, and Adobe's Lightroom really made things come together for me, getting all the pictures that I've been taking into a nice collection that I can work with!  So as I take new pictures and honing my skills in the digital editing apps I'm also going back to work on the pictures that I've taken in the past.

I built this site so I can start to show off some of my pictures and have my own portfolio to be proud of.

I hope something in here inspires you! :)


P.S. if you look, all 4 of the people in the picture to the right are me

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